Stress - How Much is Too Much?

Caregivers endure incredible stress. 

Do you know your stress score?  You should. 

Your stress level may surprise you because it can seem "normal" to be feeling the way you do. Caregivers often underestimate exactly how much stress they are actually carrying. Do you think that might be the case for you too? There's no better way to know for sure than to spend a minute to find out for sure.

Take this  1-minute quiz designed specifically for caregivers. 


3 common sources of stress for caregivers

  1. Pace and abruptness of change
  2. Volume and types of decisions 
  3. Burnout in the form of compassion fatigue.

Watch these two videos. Hear from experts and fellow caregivers on the stressors and how faith can support you.

In silence, anxiety and depression can creep in.

It goes without saying, caring for another person brings worry and times where you just don't feel motivated to do anything.

Our trusted health information partner,, provides a simple self-assessment for you to determine if your worry is becoming too much or if you are becoming depressed...both of which can place your physical and emotional health at risk.

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YES! You Can Cut Your Stress Down To Manageable Levels.

"The word 'No" is actually a complete sentence."

"Is there any part of stress that is good?  Really?"

"Take a S.P.A. moment!"

"Stress is a reality, plain and simple. Coping with it requires us to change."

Create a Plan that Works for YOU!

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