Because you care

Because You Care

We are in awe of God’s goodness and the generosity of so many amazing people and organizations who care.

Because you care...This past year we were able to:

  • Double new church-based programs reaching hundreds more caregivers.
  • Expand new programs to home care agency caregivers, parish nurses, and nursing home caregivers to address compassion fatigue, burnout and depression.
  • We were able to move into Canada to care for more caregivers.

We Can!

Yet, there is much more to do.

With your support we can do more and respond to:

  • Nurses on the front lines seeking our support.
  • Hispanic communities wanting new culturally adjusted resources
  • Individual caregivers requesting one-on-one support
  • End-of-life and ‘after active caregiving ends’ challenges that are not being addressed

Yes, there are many needs and we simply cannot do it without your help.