How Does Nourish Support Caregivers?

Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest.      Matthew 11:28

The Nourish for Caregivers Program
It's no secret that when someone takes on the role of caregiver they take on stress, exhaustion, and frustrations. As a result, caregivers often report declining health, emotional fatigue, depression and even spiritual depletion. In this state, purpose and meaning can be easily lost. Our program is designed to provide the tools and resources to build a caregiver's resilience by supporting their practical, emotional and spiritual needs so that they can experience the many blessings that come with caregiving.

Three Models Specific to the Needs of Your Organization

Turnkey Curriculum

The Nourish for Caregivers program is a complete turnkey curriculum to successfully implement an ongoing program for caregivers.
The faith-based materials focus on issues common to all caregivers, covering twelve (12) topics. The curriculum covers subjects such as:
  • The Caregiver Role and Decisions You Face
  • Coping with Stress
  • The Spirituality of Asking For Help
  • End-of-Life Issues

Multiple Applications

The definition of 'caregiver' is broad, and so too is the reach of the Nourish for Caregivers program to address many different types of caregivers, such as:
  • Family caregivers
  • Home care agency caregivers
  • Professional healthcare caregivers
  • Spiritual caregivers


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Be Nourished! Join a Nourish Group.

We have faith-based groups meeting across the country, facilitated in a format rich with inspiration, practical information, spiritual nourishment...AND time for open sharing and interactive activities.

Groups cover topics like "The Realities of Stress", "Compassion Fatigue", "Advocating for Your Loved One and Yourself", "Facing End-of-Life"...and much more...with a focus on the spiritual side of caregiving.

Leave less stressed, feel more confident and connected to others. Enrich your prayer life.

Come!  Be Nourished!


House Calls for Caregivers

Ongoing, LIVE Zoom meetings providing caregivers from coast-to-coast an opportunity to connect, bring questions, share ideas, and be spiritually nourished.

Click HERE to Register to Participate.  

Peek Inside

Click HERE to read more about the book, its authors and why you'll fall in love with this guided journal.

The Caregiving Wisdom Series

 Twice a month we feature experts from across the nation who bring both personal and professional wisdom to caregiving. Click HERE to register now!

Meet Our Affiliates and Sponsor Partners

Caregiver Training University Certification confirms caregiver competency with training for professional caregivers on daily living activities, safety and age-related illnesses, meeting state guidelines.

LEARN MORE about the nation's #1 ranked Caregiver Training Program.

The Servants of the Holy Heart of Mary are women religious (Sisters). Our purpose is to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.  We believe that caregiving is an extension of Jesus' ministry and support the Nourish Ministry as a wholistic source of support for caregivers. 

LEARN MORE about the spiritual programs and work of the Servants of the Holy Heart of Mary.

Sagacity.Care is a technology company with one caregiver navigation platform serving three markets: employers, health plans and health systems. We believe caregivers have struggled far too long with little support. Your health and dealing with the challenges associated with caregiving is our priority.

VISIT SAGACITY.CARE to explore the Caregiver Resource Center. 

And in Case You Were Wondering....The Program Works!

See 2019-2020 outcomes measures HERE.

Start a Group

Reach out to families who are struggling to care for a loved one. Support your community and help caregivers encounter the hope and healing of Christ. 

Nourish Meeting Locations

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Nourish for Caregivers is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit. Our mission is to support and empower caregivers through the gift of faith.