Meet Emma Bueno!

Emma is the reason our Nourish for Caregiver materials are translated into Spanish! When Emma said, "I'll do it!", we knew right there and then that she was the answer to our be able to minister to Hispanics in their language. We are blessed to have her talents and passion for caregivers integrated into our ministry.  Above, Emma (left) is pictured with Chris Hannigan-Wiehn (right), Director of Religious Education at St. Dominic's Church in Bolingbrook, IL, who graciously shared Emma with us. Below is Emma's story, in her words. She continues to inspire us through her gracious spirit and many good works!


My name is Emma Bueno and I got involved with Nourish when Deb and Kelly and my friend Chris H., Director of Religious Ed at St. Dominic Church, asked me if I would be willing to translate the Nourish program into Spanish. I got very excited about working on this project for many reasons.

First, caregiving is a subject I am very familiar with. Secondly, the fact that this program is faith-based, is very important to me. Thirdly, being a Hispanic woman, it gave me joy to be able to share the program with other Hispanics in their own language. Finally, I admire the two determined and strong women who started Nourish to help all caregivers in their voyage through stormy seas.

My role as a caregiver started a couple of years ago, when my father and mother, who both turned 86 this year, started having some health issues. My mom needs a lot of care, as she is suffering from an undiagnosed condition that has made her practically unable to take care of herself or anything else. Although my dad is the one with Stage 4 cancer, he is doing better than her and can help take care of her. I am glad that I am able to help them, but sometimes I just feel overwhelmed and wished there was somebody else who could help me take care of them.

As I was translating the Nourish program, I realized that faith is important in all facets of our lives, especially in the giving of care to our loved ones. We need God to give strength and courage in this joyful but hard work. As I read the prayers and the quotes from the Bible included the lessons, I felt I was not alone and indeed my spirit was given nourishment.

Being able to translate the program into Spanish made me very happy when I thought of all those Hispanic caregivers that might not be able to attend the classes because they don’t speak or write English. I wish we could offer the class in all languages!

Thank you, Deb and Kelly, for giving us the help we caregivers need by having created Nourish and sharing it with us.