Participate in what fits best with your schedule and needs, or join us in all of the ways in which we help you connect with other caregivers and caregiving experts.

Connecting with Other Caregivers is Essential!

We provide the opportunity for you to connect in small groups or in large communities, either face-to-face or virtually via social media. We make it possible to connect with other caregivers in ZOOM Live Video meet-ups.  And, in partnership with Radio Maria's Family Caregiving Channel, you can connect on the air with caregivers and caregiving experts.

House Calls

We are here for you every Tuesday & Thursday ! Meet-up Live on ZOOM with other caregivers and us. Connect. Seek guidance. Receive spiritual nourishment.

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Wisdom Series

Join us twice a month and meet experts LIVE from across the country on various caregiving topics to learn and have the opportunity to get your questions answered.

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Public Group

Visit our faith-based Facebook community and "Like" it to follow us and receive inspirational and practical information for caregivers. Join Events. Receive special offers.

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Private Group

Join our PRIVATE/closed faith-based Facebook forum. Connect with others who are willing to share, listen, encourage and pray for you as you move along in your caregiving journey.

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New to Zoom and Meeting Virtually?

It's super easy and once you give it a try you will find it's really a wonderful way to connect with others.

We have two videos with basic instructions for first-time "Zoomers" or anyone who wants a quick refresher.  Enjoy!

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