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Partnering with EWTN to Nourish the Souls of Caregivers

Supporting Caregivers.
Nourishing Souls.


EWTN Global Catholic Network's award-winning show "At Home with Jim & Joy" dedicated an entire week to the theme Supporting Caregivers, inviting Kelly Johnson and Deb Kelsey-Davis (Co-Founders, Nourish for Caregivers) as their special guests.

Watch Nourish for Caregivers on Shalom World TV Series

Featuring Nourish for Caregivers co-founders, Deb Kelsey-Davis and Kelly Johnson, this 12-episode series provides practical, emotional and spiritual nourishment for caregivers.

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Adopt a "Just for Today" Attitude

Saint Pope John XXIII shared with the world a way to live a better life.

Published widely in secular media, his “Just for Today” decalogue is a model for us caregivers to follow as we strive to live centered on Christ, living in the present  moment.

Just For Today

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