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About the Nourish for Caregivers Online Group

It's a mini-retreat for caregivers, meant to inspire, refresh and nourish your mind and your soul.

Expect to kick back and take it all in... You have the opportunity to share if you want or quietly reflect...You'll get to participate in small group activities with other caregivers. And, you will leave feeling uplifted.

What makes Nourish for Caregivers different from other caregiver groups is the element of faith, a Christ-centered view woven throughout. All are welcome!

February Topic

the thing about compassion

Get the Most Out of This Mini-Retreat...

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BEFORE we gather take a few moments to reflect on how well you do the same for yourself as you do for others.

Think about the impacts on your health and well-being when you've lacked self-compassion and caring. We'll explore this more in our gathering.



Self-compassion will require you to draw the line between what you can and cannot do.


Pick a day...any day.

Think about what one thing you want to do for YOU.  Now, think about all you have lined up to do for your loved one/others. Identify one thing can you eliminate/put off/delegate to make room for your needs.

Not alway easy...we will share more on this to help you.

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Are you ready to BE NOURISHED?!

On Monday, February 21st, click below to join us!

8 pm ET I 7 pm CT I 6 pm MT I 5 pm PT

What Other Caregivers Have to Say About This Group

"After talking about the different seasons of our life, I can look at death as spring. The beginning of a new life, hopefully in heaven, with God."

"I need to hear how other people cope with similar situations. I also have a 30 year of son with disabilities who lives with us. My husband is showing signs of dementia. My granddaughter is in a day program for anxiety and other issues. God help us please."

"I liked the whole experience. It gave me hope listening to others. I liked breaking up into small groups and sharing our stories. What we are going thru. I'm looking forward to next month."

"I love Nourish. The programs, the retreat, the people. Lord God, Heavenly Father I thank you for the ministry of Nourish. I ask your blessing on this ministry. "

"Very rich program! Have told many already. Thank you for all you are and do! Many blessings!"

"I enjoyed listening to other's caregiving experiences, and sharing my own experience. It feels good to interact with other's who understand the challenges that we as caregivers face daily. Thank you for this experience."

"Thank you for a beautiful, integrated, interactive mini-retreat. The theme permeated the entire session. The song and the video of the 2 caregivers connected with me. Share-able and reflective.The pictures, prayers and reflection questions helped me move forward. Sharing our experiences of caregiving with similar stories (taking care of grandchildren and family) amidst a pandemic, gave me a sense of belonging, hope, connectedness, I am not alone."

"I liked the reflection questions and the breakout rooms. I also like how you’ll have different monthly themes. I think it would be nice to have a psalm read also - something to memorize and carry through the month."

"First time in a group chat!!Loved it!!
Son is down syndrome and ,now ,Alzheimer's so 24/7 care !Been caregiving every day for over 48 years!"