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Caregiver TIPS - Balancing the Holidays with Caregiving

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  • Everything in moderation
  • Schedule rest for YOU
  • Focus on the little things
  • Do it 'your way'...e.g., what feels good to you when it comes to decorating, baking, etc.
  • Go to Mass
  • Make phone calls instead of sending Christmas cards (personal and less labor intensive)
  • Set boundaries
  • Listen to Christmas Carols and sing along!
  • Prepare ahead and have all the medications and supplies for the entire month so you don't have to worry about that
  • Watch favorite old Christmas shows
  • Do things with your loved one you used to enjoy doing together (decorating, baking, playing cards, etc.)
  • Continue regular exercise...walk.
  • Take note of the positives of the moment...they are enough..a smile, a smell.
  • Spend extra time just petting your furry friends
  • Go to a Christmas concert (at church, etc.)
  • Talk with your family and plan; meet!
  • Get help. Ask for it and accept it
  • Take an extra long time at the grocery store...wander and explore...consider it 'me time'


  • Don't focus on the holiday itself and the pressures surrounding it
  • Don't let anything in that brings negativity (a person, the TV, the Internet)
  • Don't forget to pray
  • Don't set aside the distractions that bring you pleasure...keep them up (e.g., sewing, reading, etc.)
  • Don't skip out on your support need them!
  • Don't forget to breathe...deeply.
  • Don't do all the cooking yourself; enlist help, scale back, buy it, but just don't do it all
  • Don't keep appointments you don't absolutely need, that can be rescheduled to a later date
  • Don't feel you have decorate like you've always done...less is more.
  • Don't stay up late too often...sleep is a necessity
  • Don't forget to include your loved one in the decisions and the fun

Get Creative! Make Night Lights and Have Fun.

Super easy to create in 3 simple steps:

1.  Select your glass bottle (any shape or size...)

2. Get your Wine Bottle Cork Lights. Order from Amazon or any retailer who sells Wine Bottle Cork Lights.

3. Insert and flip the switch to turn on!


  • Get out some brushes and acrylic paints and create a design uniquely yours. Be as abstract as you want...the lights will make it all look so beautiful.
Linda Lights

January Topic

Finding Hope in the ebbs and flows

Get the Most Out of This Mini-Retreat...

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It's a Journey.
Caregivers, by nature, are strong. When the ride gets bumpy, we lean on our faith, on our circle of support and hope to keep us going.
Join us as we explore a multitude of ways to find and sustain your HOPE during the ebbs and flows of caregiving.
As you prepare for this special retreat, dig out a picture, or a poem, or a prayer or a quote that gives you hope.  Be ready to share this as a gift to other caregivers AND receive the same in return from your fellow caregiver friends.


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Then join us Monday night (1/16). We'll share and discuss what we discovered, so we can learn from each other.

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8 pm ET - 7 pm CT - 6 pm MT - 5 pm PT