"Be Nourished" - a 12-Episode TV Series

Created by Caregivers for Caregivers in Partnership with Shalom World TV.

Nourishing the practical, emotional and spiritual needs of family caregivers.

Episode 1: Prepare to Care!

 Join Kelly, Deb and their caregiver guests as they discuss the many ---and often unexpected --- aspects of the role of a family caregiver.

Episode 2: Brace Yourself - So Many Decisions!

 Change is a reality, and with change comes touch decisions to make. Listen as caregivers talk about letting go and letting God guide them.

Episode 3: SOS! Asking for Help.

 HELP is a 4-letter word we'd rather not use! Does it ever get easier to ask for help? Yes! There is hope. Hear how in this episode.

Episode 4: Family Dynamics-Good, Bad & Ugly

There's no such thing as a perfect family. Join in as we talk about this stressful topic and ideas on how to navigate the landmines.

Episode 5: Coping with Stress & Burnout

 Find the courage to say "no" to stress. Join Kelly, Deb and their caregiver guests in this lively episode.

Episode 6: Safety First!

 Every caregiver will face concerns about the safety of their loved one at some point. Awareness and knowing how to protect are key.

Episode 7: Speak Up!

 Caregiving requires you to find your voice. It can be uncomfortable and frustrating. Hear how to advocate with dignity in difficult situations.

Episode 8: Compassion Fatigue

 Do you leave your needs behind to focus on caring for your loved one? You are not alone. Hear how this can lead to harm and trauma.

Episode 9: Balancing Act

 It's hard to balance your loved one's wishes sometimes with doing the best you can. Gain wisdom from hearing others.

Episode 10: Facing Losses

 Finding grace amidst so much change and experiencing growth. Small losses add up.  How does grace enter our losses?

Episode 11: End of Life Challenges

Most of us would rather not talk about death. In this episode, we get incredible insights on going from fear to embracing a holy death.

Episode 12: One Day at a Time

Taking it just one day, one moment at a time...you can face whatever is coming as you move through the journey of caregiving.