November is National Family Caregivers Month!


Give the gift of a companion to a caregiver in need..."The Caregiver's Companion"

Give-1, Get-1...+ help many more.


Caregivers are in crisis. COVID-19 has hit them hard. For most, their support is gone.  Physically their health is declining. Emotionally and spiritually we are seeing skyrocketing rates of depression, isolation-driven and stress-related illnesses, and hopelessness.

How can you help?  Together with us, we can make a difference.

Join us in our "Give-1, Get-1" event.  When you donate $100 to Nourish for Caregivers we give a caregiver in need the newly released book, "The Caregiver's Companion: A Christ-Centered Journal to Nourish Your Soul" + YOU get a signed copy too! + giving to Nourish for Caregivers allows us to reach more caregivers with our programs and support.

Why Give "The Caregiver's Companion"?

I'm at the age and in a business where I frequently run across people who are suddenly in the overwhelming position of caring for a family member. This book is exactly the "hug" they need to let them know they are not alone. While there is a self-help book for so many facets of our lives these days, Debra and Kelly have beautifully addressed this underserved niche.

R. Raden

I very much appreciated how this book offers supportive advice for a very challenging job.  While there are so many caregivers in the world, it's easy to feel alone and worried. I also like the prayer-led reflections throughout the book. I am now going to order a book for another loving caregiver I know.


The Caregiver's Companion is a caring, common sense filled, well-organized journal to help navigate the caregiving journey. It's like talking to a wonderful friend who won't judge your reactions to difficult times, offering kind advice and support. I highly recommend this book for anyone involved in the care of a loved one.

Lori J.

Adult caregivers have unique needs and concerns that can only be fully met by someone who has walked a mile in your shoes. This full-color journal, created by two empathetic caregivers who understand the challenges you face, is the perfect gift for anyone who needs help processing the challenges and stressors of tending to the needs of the elderly and infirm. Treat yourself ... or bless someone you know who needs this kind of loving support!

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Caregiver Training University Certification confirms caregiver competency with training for professional caregivers on daily living activities, safety and age-related illnesses, meeting state guidelines.

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The Servants of the Holy Heart of Mary are women religious (Sisters). Our purpose is to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.  We believe that caregiving is an extension of Jesus' ministry and support the Nourish Ministry as a wholistic source of support for caregivers. 

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Sagacity.Care is a technology company with one caregiver navigation platform serving three markets: employers, health plans and health systems. We believe caregivers have struggled far too long with little support. Your health and dealing with the challenges associated with caregiving is our priority.

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