Resources to Support Your Health Ministry

Faith Community Nurses (FCN) and Health Ministers are essential to our communities as integrators of faith and health, health educators and advocates, and referral agents and liaisons to community resources to families during important life transitions. We recognize the need to come alongside FCNs/Health Ministers to support your work with an engaging, sustainable approach that embraces the whole person, builds community and creates a path to well-being

Let us come alongside YOU with an extensive library of faith-based content, a fully-scripted workshop, supportive ministry materials, a sharing platform and the opportunity to network with other FCNs and Health Ministers.

Become a member today in this low-cost, high-value set of rich resources to support your existing health ministry.

Inaugural Membership - $100

Through May, 31st we are offering all who join a 50% off the Annual Membership pricing during our inaugural launch.


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